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You will find two systems on our website: slot profiles Type I and Type B.

These short names indicate two well-known German manufacturer standards. Our profiles are compatible with these standards as well. Therefore, as usual in the industry, we use the abbreviations Type I and Type B.

Profile types are with different grooves (t-slot) measurements.

Profiles are square shape, rectangular, with an angle or radius.

The most common applications for slot profiles:

• Industrial equipment;

• Safety barriers, protective covers;

• Production facilities with special needs;

• Game simulators, race rooms;

• Prototype products;

• HiFi sector equipment;

• Screen constructions;

• Workplace ergonomics.


All profiles are anodized, possible black anodization color.


External dimensions of square profiles:

• 20x20 aluminum profiles;

 30x30 aluminum profiles;

• 40x40 aluminum profiles;

 50x50 aluminum profiles;

• 60x60 aluminum profiles;

• 45x45 aluminum profiles;


Namana team can help You in:

• Wide range of profiles and components in Lithuania stock;

• Wholesale supply;

• Profile cutting;

• Machining of profiles;

• CNC milling;


We hope for successful cooperation. You are welcome to contact us as soon as possible.

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